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What sets WMR apart from other firms is our ability to comprehensively understand organizations, assess client potential and provide the direction and commitment to success.

Why is WMR a great choice for your AMC partner?  

We focus on providing you with the absolute best service. Everyone talks about service, but we have made it the heart of our mission. It's one of the reasons our clients are so loyal.

We are one of only 73 association management companies to have received accreditation by the AMC Institute. This accreditation evaluation is the most demanding and comprehensive in our industry. AMCs who have adopted the AMC Institute Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Industry have made a commitment to uphold and deliver the highest level of customer service using a documented set of best practices.

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We listen to you. WMR's experienced, professional team is focused on understanding your association’s needs and partnering with you. It is the basis of our mission and commitment to our profession. 

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Choosing A Firm

Association management companies (AMCs) are staffed with experienced professionals who provide management, administrative and leadership support to multiple volunteer based organizations (membership and trade associations, charitable foundations, service organizations, etc.). An AMC offers a range of services, from serving as the organization's headquarters/staff to handling project work and consulting.

AMCs provide their services on a flat fee or fee-for-service basis, and major overhead expenses for office space, equipment, and staff are shared by the multiple clients of the AMC. Using an AMC can provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • a cost effective use of the group's financial and human resources;
  • allows the organization to have a professional staff and customized management services for a fraction of the price;
  • provides the organization with a consistent headquarters address, phone, fax, email and management stability;
  • allows the organization's leaders to focus on strategic issues and long-term success, not day-to-day business.

An association management company is only as successful as its client organizations. When choosing an AMC, look for a company that shares your goals and philosophy. You should expect your AMC partner to be dedicated to your long-term growth and success.